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’Til The Day Breaks

And The Shadows Flee Away


This journal is Friends Only. Art posts are public. If you want to friend me, go ahead! Please just reply to this post first.

I accidentally start talking really loud when I get excited. Oops!

I want to change the world one smile at a time.

My mood relys heavily on everyone else's mood. I'm loud when I'm happy and quiet and mumbly when I'm not.
Someone can turn my whole day around by smiling and laughing with me.

I drink, but not often.

I like to be ridiculous. I am not afraid of standing out for being different than everyone else or too silly. If you embarrass easily you probably will be embarrassed by me.


I love movies and video games. I especially like the Resident Evil Series and Final Fantasy. I like some anime, but I am very particular. I love Miyazaki!
I religiously sit down for Comedy Night Done Right Thursdays on NBC! As well as Monday night Heros!!!
I'm fascinated by things different than me. I love Japanese things, to the cute cute cutest to sushi, to the most beautiful historical aspects of the culture. Bushido Code is something to live by.

I like to wander. I like long car rides with loud music or conversation. Car rides in the rain make me feel cozy. Motorcycle rides are the closest thing to a rocket pack. I love them. =)

I have a lot of friends who are very different and play off of different aspects of my personality.
I can get excited about just about anything you are excited about because I LOVE enthusiastic people.


I am an artist. My favorite things to draw are dragons, fantasy things, sci-fi things, dramatic things, comic art, and cats laying around the house.
I went to NEiA and graduated with a BS in Graphic Design.
I'm working as a Graphic Designer at CGI interactive outside of the Boston Area.
Sometimes I take commissions. Ask me.


I'm agnostic. I was raised Catholic, and attended Catholic School til high school, then I went to CHS. I don't attend Church much anymore, but I believe in a higher power. I don't feel spiritual at Church, but I do when I lay in the grass or see the sun hit something the right way, or when people are nice for no reason other than to be so. Or when people are pleasant just because. If we friend I have an entry devoted to my idea's on spirituality here.

My greatest fear is failure or disappointing others.

I have strong ideas of right and wrong.
I will not back down from a stance that conflicts with my honor.
I rarely will back down.
I am probably not afraid of standing up to someone if they disrespect you.


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